Review: Heist Society

by Ally Carter

Kat thought she was out of the family business after pulling one last con, getting herself accepted to Colgan School, one of the most prestigious boarding schools in North America, but she’s wrong.  When you descend from a long line of thieves, it’s hard to stay away for long.  Someone has stolen some very precious paintings from a very pissed off, very deadly Italian gentleman named Arturo Taccone.  Taccone is convinced that Kat’s father is responsible for the heist since her father is one of the only thieves skilled enough and crazy enough to steal from Taccone.  Kat believes her father when he says he didn’t do it; he couldn’t have been stealing Taccone’s paintings in Italy when he was stealing a statue from a gallery in Paris the same night.  Taccone is not as convinced of Kat’s father’s innocence and demands that the paintings be returned in two weeks time.  Kat’s father doesn’t take the threat seriously, but Kat has met Taccone and knows he means business.  Determined to save her father, Kat assembles a crack team of teen thieves to help her find and steal back Taccone’s paintings, but things are never as they seem and Kat will have to call upon everything she’s ever learned about thieving to get those paintings back without getting caught.

Reaction: I was previously unaware of the awesomeness of Ally Carter but I have now been thoroughly schooled.  Heist Society was exciting and fast-paced.  It had many of the elements I love in a teen book: travel, interesting character relationships, strong family bonds (however weird), a bit of mystery, and a few wild card elements.  I really enjoyed the relationship between Kat and Hale, a billionaire’s son turned thief.  Both try to pretend to be indifferent to each other but it is obvious there is real affection, friendship, and possibly more between them.  Hale seems to realize it but Kat is slow on the uptake when it comes to her feelings for Hale.  I loved the interplay between the family.  While they all obviously still love each other, Kat is seen as a traitor and no longer completely accepted into the fold because she’s left the family business.  I love that while Kat is determined to no longer be a thief she is mad at herself when some of her thieving skills are rusty and her accents detectable.  I also really enjoyed the historical twist with the artwork.  It turns out that Taccone’s paintings were actually stolen from their original owners by the Nazi’s during WWII and haven’t been seen since.  Kat’s situation with Taccone is further complicated when she realizes he is not the rightful owner of the paintings that were stolen from him.  A great combo of mystery, intrigue, action, adventure, and attraction, Heist Society is a winner.


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7 Responses to Review: Heist Society

  1. Tammy Dahle says:

    I’ve heard a rumor floating around bloggerville that this book’s right have been bought and there may be a possible movie on the horizon. If so I better get this one read!

  2. Doret says:

    I loved Heist Society. It was so much more than I thought it would be.
    .-= Doret´s last blog ..A Wish After Midnight Zetta Elliott =-.

  3. Sarah says:

    This was such a great book and its hard to find people who have already read but does any one no what all the paintings names where? I read the book about 3 weeks ago and as I search through it i can only find four names.

  4. Seems like an interesting book! I’ll try to include this on my to-be-read pile. ;)
    .-= WickedCinderella´s last blog ..What ever happened to classics? =-.

  5. Nick says:

    I found this book very wordy and boring. I think girls should stick to it, but boys just need to toss it.

  6. Thanks your good article.I read & enjoyed that story.

  7. Glad you liked Heist Society. It really is a good read, and so are the Gallagher Girls series. Looking forward to see a possible review on them too? :)

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