The Order of Odd-Fish Extravaganza/Gallery Show

James Kennedy wrote an extremely quirky, hilarious book called The Order of Odd-Fish (my review).  As most quirky, hilarious things do, the book has developed quite a cult following and has inspired artists from all over to create The Order of Odd-Fish art work of all sorts.  Check out the gallery here.  To celebrate his talented fans, James Kennedy is hosting a gallery show of The Order of Odd-Fish art which will open with an extravaganza.  Here’s how he describes the event:

It’ll be not only an art show, but also a costumed dance party and theatrical extravaganza. I’m working with a Chicago theater group called Collaboraction to do this. They’re going to decorate their cavernous space to portray scenes from the book (the fantastical tropical metropolis of Eldritch City, the digestive system of the All-Devouring Mother goddess, the Dome of Doom, etc.).

Opening night will be a dance party where people dress up as gods and do battle-dancing in the Dome of Doom. In the weeks afterward, we’ll bring in field trips from schools. They’ll browse the fan art galleries, be wowed by the elaborately decorated environment we’ve created, take in some performances from the book, and participate in an energetic writing workshop.

The big event will be taking place in Chicago in April BUT deadline for submissions in March 15.  So if The Order of Odd-Fish gets you’re creative juices flowing, go here to learn more about submitting your art piece for the show.

And if you haven’t read the book, definitely check it out.


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