Book Review: The Devouring

by Simon Holt

A year ago, Reggie’s mother walked out on her family.  Since then, Reggie’s father has buried himself in work and Reggie has taken on the role off cook, cleaner, and mother to her younger brother Henry.  Reggie’s one escape from her new life is her job at a local bookstore that specializes in horror novels.  Reggie loves horror stories.  When unpacking a shipment at work, Reggie comes across a journal of a crazy woman.  The woman tells a tale a frightening tale of entities called Vours.  Vours are attracted by light but feed on fears.  They can enter a body using a person’s fears and take over that body.  They retain the person’s memories and can live as the person they take over but they are not the same.  Reggie thinks she has found a wonderful story but it turns out to be more real than she could ever imagine.  When Reggie’s brother is taken over by a Vour, she is determined to find out how to conquer the Vour and save her brother.

Reaction: What a pleasantly creepy surprise!  A true teen horror a la R. L. Stine or Christopher Pike.  I loved the pacing.  The story flowed well and I thought Reggie’s realization that Vours are real was realistic and accurate.  The creepy parts were REALLY creepy, at least for me, specifically the scenes where Reggie and gang enters the old house in the woods and then when she goes back, BY HER SELF!  It obviously made an impression on me.  If I have a complaint it is that sometimes the voice shifted to Henry or to Reggie’s friend Aaron and I found it a bit awkward.  Overall, a really awesome horror story.  This is the book that broke my several month reading slump.

Next: The Soulstice (The Devouring #2)


About Casey

I am a librarian who loves all things reading, especially teen literature.
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