Library Habits Meme

My Library!

My Library!

I was going to work on my Library Loot for this week but I forgot they’re doing catalog maintenance so I’m not able to access my account and I’m dependent upon that info to complete my loot roundup.  It is probably a pretty sad thing that I cannot just look at the books on my library bookshelf and know what I checked out this week but that’s how it goes when you have soooo many things checked out. :)

Instead of my loot (at least until the catalog is back up and running tomorrow), I’m going to do the Library Habits Meme that I saw over at Marg’s.  Here it goes:

1.If you don’t frequent your local library, why not?

Um, silly question. Of course I frequent my local library!  I couldn’t imagine ever not going to a library.

2. If you do visit the library, how often do you go?

Well, five days a week because I work there.  Before I worked at the library it was probably somewhere around once every week or two but I was a much different library user then than I am today so it would be hard to say how often I would go now if I wasn’t there for my job.

3. Do you have a favorite section that you always head to first, or do you just randomly peruse the shelves?

I was just talking to a coworker about how I no longer actually browse shelves for books; I always just order everything.  When I do browse and before I was a chronic orderer, I always headed to the new fiction first (now it would be new teen fiction) then the regular fiction shelves.  I’m sure it would be the same now.  I love new books!

4. How many books are you allowed to check out at one time? Do you take advantage of this?

Books are unlimited.  I know, awesome, right!  I do take advantage but I try not to let my numbers get too outrageous.  Right now I have somewhere around 50, which isn’t too bad but I would prefer it to be more like 40.

5. How long are you allowed to have the books checked out?

3 weeks.

6. How many times are you allowed to renew your check-outs, if at all?

Up to 5 times, a recent switch.  It used to be only 3 renewals.  Of course, items cannot be renewed if someone else has a hold on them.  I often renew items the full 5 times and then sometimes recheck them out for another full 5 renewals.  If I haven’t read a book by the 5 renewal limit, I try to make myself return it because obviously there’s something not working for me with that book at that time.

7. What do you love best about your particular library?

Hmm, I would have to say the awesome teen collection.  They have just about everything I’m looking for with a few, rare exceptions.

8. What is one thing you wish your library did differently?

I know there are things but I’m having trouble thinking of them…

9. Do you request your books via an online catalogue, or through the librarian at your branch?

Um, both since I am one of the librarians at my branch.  Most of the books I order I do at work through our catalog system but there are still quite a few I put on hold at home using the online catalog.

10. Have you ever chosen a book on impulse (from the online catalogue OR the shelves) and had it turn out to be totally amazing? If so, what book was it, and why did you love it?

Impulse reads used to be the only way I would get books.  I almost never used to go to the library with set titles unless it was to find the rest in a series I had found.  One of my favorite books of all time was an impulse pick, Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause.  I remember liking the title but not so much the cover.  I was curious about it though not so sure I would love it.  I took it home and I’m so glad I did.

Lately, though, I don’t have too many impulse picks.  I order so much and I no longer really browse so it cuts down on the ability to be impulsive.

As a side note, I wanted to mention that my library system is in danger of severe budget shortfalls, as I know many are across the country.  While we (barely) survived after reductions in state funding, we are currently going for a levy in November in order to continue to fund the library system as it is now.  If the levy does not pass, the library system will have to close about half of our 40 branches and reduce staff, hours, and services.  All of us library lovers are hoping for support in November!


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I am a librarian who loves all things reading, especially teen literature.
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6 Responses to Library Habits Meme

  1. Eva says:

    I have to use catalog system to do Library Loot post too! :D Our library has unlimited checkouts too, but only 2 renewals.

    I’m sorry you’re dealing w/ so many budget cuts-I hope the silly politicians realise that libraries are super-important places, especially when money’s tight.

  2. Kelly says:

    I am wicked jealous of how many renewals you get! We check out for 3 weeks, then get ONE renewal.

    Breaks my heart to hear of libraries all around the country struggling like that. Your library (and you) are in my thoughts.

  3. Five renews?! Wow.

    And I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the levy to pass in November. I’d vote for it, if I lived nearby!

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  5. Casey says:

    Thanks everyone for all the library support and love!

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