Something, Maybe

Something Maybeby Elizabeth Scott

Hannah’s parents are so outlandish and memorable Hannah spends most of her time trying to blend in and become invisible.  Hannah’s mother is Candy Madison, of  Her two biggest claims to fame are 1. Once being one of Jackson James’ girlfriends and 2. Appearing almost nude holding a pizza box in a pizza commercial.  Now she hosts her own web show where site subscribers pay to talk with her while she is wearing lingerie.  Hannah’s father is none other than Candy’s first claim to fame, Jackson James.  Jackson is a 70-something millionaire (possibly billionaire?) who always has a gaggle of 19 to early-20-something girlfriends around him.  Hannah and Jackson aren’t exactly on speaking terms at the moment.  As part of trying to stay invisible, pretty much all Hannah does is work and school.  Work is the drive-thru call-in center for the fast food chain BurgerTown.  Work has one great plus, though, it has her soul mate Josh.  Josh is a thinker, a do-gooder, a poet, and Hannah thinks he’s perfect.  Hannah aspires to be more like Josh.  And then there’s Finn.  Annoying Finn.  Always goofing off, not a do-gooder, not deep like Josh, so why is it Finn who Hannah feels comfortable talking to, who makes her laugh, who knows what to say and do when she’s upset?  And lately, she’s had a bit to be upset about as her estranged father tries once again to be a part of her life.

Reaction: Wow, I just wrote what felt like a spectacularly long summary for a book that’s only 217 pages long.  Sheesh.  Anyway, on to my feelings.  Something, Maybe is cute.  I liked Hannah’s relationship with her mother, who is supportive and loving despite what people may think about her and her profession.  Botox hasn’t killed those motherly instincts.  I liked watching Hannah and Finn, because y’all know what’s going to happen there, right?  I loved how much Finn blushed.  As a fellow blusher (I swear it happened to me at work today at least 4 times, embarrassing!) I love it when characters are blushers. (BTW, James from Audrey, Wait! is also a blusher and also adorable).  Elizabeth Scott has been compared to Deb Caletti and Sarah Dessen and I can definitely see why.  Readers who like those authors will definitely fall in love with Elizabeth Scott’s writing.  Something, Maybe wasn’t nearly as issue driven as either of those two authors but she still deals with issues — Hannah’s search for personal identity instead of being defined by who her parents are, Candy’s coming to grips with Jose’s death, and Hannah’s relationships with each parent.  I thought the issues were dealt with a little more deftly than the one Caletti I have read but with not as much weight as Dessen.  I will certainly be looking for other Elizabeth Scott’s in the future.  In fact, I think I will move on to this one while I get up the nerve to read this one.


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2 Responses to Something, Maybe

  1. Doret says:

    This sounds good. I’ve read 2 Scott books and really enjoyed them. I keep on saying I am going to get around to reading a Caletti I just haven’t do it yet. Which title do you suggest I start with? The paperback is out for Audrey Wait but I don’t care for the cover. No where on the cover does it indicate that the books about music not even ear buds. Though the back of the book is pretty cool. Its filled with reviews including a few from blogs.

    • Casey says:

      I’ve only read one Caletti, The Nature of Jade, and wasn’t thrilled. It was ok with some good parts but it didn’t wow me. To me, it tried to hard. It was too much issue slapped in your face. Maybe you should start with Honey, Baby, Sweetheart, which was a National Book Award Finalist. I keep saying I’m going to read it but haven’t yet. I did pick up her newest release, The Secret Life of Prince Charming, which has parallels to Something, Maybe, namely absent, playboy father. We’ll see how I like it.

      I saw the new Audrey and I’m not so thrilled. I thought the original cover was classic and the girl on the paperback looks nothing how I pictured Audrey. Yuck. The back is awesome, though. I started googling the reviewers I hadn’t heard of. :)

      Which Scott’s have you read? Which one was your favorite?

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