Vampire Knight

Vampire Knightby Matsuri Hino

Yuki Cross has no memories of her life before the age of five.  Ten years ago, she was attacked by an evil vampire and saved by a powerful, pure-blood vampire, Kaname Kuran.  Kaname took her to live with an ally who opened the Cross Academy where there are two classes, the night class and the day class.  The night class is made up of vampires who have signed a pact not to spill human blood but to live in peace with humans and use a blood pill for nourishment.  The day class is made up of traditional students, humans, who have no idea they share their school with vampires.  What they do know is that the night class is full of beautiful people and are constantly trying to mingle with the night class.  Despite the pact, the night and day class are kept separate.  Since Yuki knows the night class secret, she is one of two people who serve as a disciplinary committee.  She and her partner patrol the grounds and make sure the two classes don’t mingle.  Yuki’s partner is Zero.  Zero has a tragic history of his own.  He was part of a family of vampire hunters and his entire family was murdered by a very powerful vampire.  He came to Cross Academy to live and heal but he is still full of hate.  Yuki tries to keep Zero in good spirits but it is a full-time job on top of all her other duties.  Tensions are high, not only between the classes but between Kuname and Zero who both have their own, strong feelings for Yuki.

Reaction: I am four volumes into this series and I’m pretty much hooked.  I love Zero’s angst and I’m still trying to figure out Kaname.  Yuki is, of course, cute and innocent and does not realize Zero or Kaname’s feelings for her.  Some of the plot twists are predictable…like the appearance of the mysterious new vampire in the third volume, of course I knew who she was, duh!…but it still sucked me in.  I am waiting for something to happen regarding Yuki’s unknown past but so far no hints.  And I can’t say who I would rather see Yuki with.  Both Kaname and Zero have their positives and negatives.  I’m definitely looking forward to reading more of this series.


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