Needby Carrie Jones

Since her father (her stepfather really, but he raised her since she was a baby) died in front of her eyes, Zara has been practically dead inside.  Concerned for her daughter’s emotional state, Zara’s mother sends Zara to live with her grandmother in middle-of-nowhere Maine hoping the change of scenery will help Zara deal with her grief.  What Zara has kept secret is that a man has been following her, and he’s followed her all the way to Maine.  Not only that, but the small town where her grandmother lives has secrets of its own.  Boys are disappearing.  A voice is calling for Zara from the woods.  Howling wolves keep her up at night.  Gold dust finds its way in the strangest of places.  What is going on?  What does it have to do with Zara?  And what can she do to stop it?

Reaction: Pixies.  An fairly original manifestation but basically just fairies.  And weres — wolves, tigers, owls, bears — which I liked.  Overall, I enjoyed the book but I found it a bit lacking.  Events happened too quickly.  Zara’s sudden transformation from dead-inside-teenager to in-love-alive teenager seemed abrupt after so many months of grief.  The pixie king’s need seemed to escalate much quicker than I would have expected given the history presented.  Zara’s attachments to friends and their attachments to her seemed too instantaneous.  Also, I found it odd that there was no mention of any friends or even a life back in her hometown.  And I thought that Zara’s solution to the problem was a bit weak.  I wanted more development all around.  I liked the concept and generally liked the characters so I’m happy that there is going to be a sequel.  Maybe some of the leaner parts will get fleshed out.

Cover: Awesome!


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I am a librarian who loves all things reading, especially teen literature.
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4 Responses to Need

  1. Ms. Yingling says:

    Good points which I hadn’t noticed because I was so sucked in to Zara’s grief. And I already can’t remember the ending, so you must be right. I did like it, though, and think that Twilight fans will adore it. Covers are so much better than they used to be!

  2. bookworm4life says:

    I agree, it will definitely be a hit. And so far, most of the reviews I’ve seen haven’t really had the same problems I did. In the end, though, I liked it enough to hope for more.

    Covers are getting pretty great…though there are still some dreadful ones out there.

  3. Evan says:

    I loved this book. It was a little abrupt in change of events but I liked it anyways.
    This book sounded, to me, like a combination of Stephanie Meyer’s Twillight sreries and Holly Black’s Modern day faerie tales.

    • Casey says:

      While I didn’t love it, I did like it and I am interested in reading the sequel. Fans of Meyer and Black will definitely like Need.

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