Wondrous Strange

Wondrous Strangeby Lesley Livingston

Seventeen-year-old Kelly Winslow is trying to make it big as an actress in NYC.  She has landed a role in an off-off-off-waaaayyy off Broadway production of Midsummer Night’s Dream as the understudy to the role of Queen Titania.  Not long before the play is to open, the lead injures herself and Kelly is now the leading lady.  Little does she know, though, that she is more than playing the role of a faerie queen, she is in fact faerie royalty.  Kelly is the long-lost daughter of King Auberdon of the Unseelie Faerie Court.  It is because of Kelly’s abduction long ago that King Auberdon closed the gates that connected the mortal world to the faerie world but the gates, which are located in Central Park, are about to open for nine long nights during Samhain.  Sonny, one of Auberdon’s Janus Guards, will watch the gates with other Janus Guards and slay any fey that try to pass into the mortal realm.  Kelly and Sonny’s paths cross, both connected yet distanced from the faerie realm, both drawn to the other for some inexplicable reason, and both forever changed by the events that take place Samhain night, the night the gates are their weakest.  What does the future have in store for Kelly and Sonny?

Reaction: Wondrous Strange is a very solid, well-written, and interesting new addition to the ever-growing collection of faerie (or fairy) stories.  I was not as in love with this book as Kristi was, so definitely check out her review, but I am still very interested in seeing what the author has in store for the characters.  There were a couple of interesting plot twists (which I did guess) but make the future, for Kelly especially, very interesting.  Wondrous Strange is the first book in a trilogy.  I love trilogies because you get more of the characters you love but the hope of resolution.  I love resolution.

Also, check out the interview Kristi @ The Story Siren did with Lesley Livingston and check out this video of Lesley talking about Wondrous Strange:

Cover: Ok, I couldn’t end this post without mentioning the cover.  Isn’t it gorgeous!


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3 Responses to Wondrous Strange

  1. prophecygirl says:

    The cover is lovely! I really enjoyed this book, and I can’t wait for the sequels!

  2. I love the cover so much. I think this sounds good. I just read (and will review soon) Bones of Faerie…another good one.


  3. bookworm4life says:

    I know, the cover is definitely swoon-worthy. Maybe one of the next book covers will have an equally awesome image of Sonny. :)

    Lauren…Bones of Faerie looks great — just looked it up on Amazon and put a hold on it @ my library. Will be looking forward to reading your review.

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