Perfect Chemistry

Perfect Chemistryby Simone Elkeles

Meet two seemingly very different people: Brittany Ellis, co-head of the pom squad and fabulously wealthy, and Alejandro “Alex” Fuentes, resident bad boy gang member from the “wrong” side of town.  When they are paired together as chemistry partners, it’s hate at first sight.  They both believe they are too different to ever be able to function as a pair.  How wrong they are!  Soon, Brittany and Alex realize they have more in common than they ever could have imagined, but will they be able to overcome the differences in their backgrounds — Brittany’s snooty friends’ ideas of who she should date and Alex’s increasing gang involvement — and find a way to be together?

Reaction:  Let me get a few things out of the way before I gush.  I found that the beginning was a bit of tell instead of show.  The characters seemed a bit too in tune with the psychological reasons behind their actions and they had no qualms sharing those reasons with readers over and over again.  I was seriously about to strangle Brittany if I had to hear the word “control” from her mouth one more time, or I would have if she was a real person.  So, the writing was a bit shaky.

Ok, on to the gush.  I LOOOVVVEEEDDD it.  Brittany was a likable popular girl and her love for her sister was admirable.  Alex was a swoon-worthy bad boy who, in the only way he knew how, tried to keep his family safe and create a future for his younger brothers.  The guy on the cover fits my exact image of Alex, with his floppy hair, white t-shirt, nice build.  Ack, I love me a good bad boy.  Also, I was so intrigued by the inner-workings of the gang and the part it played in Brittany and Alex’s relationship.  For Alex and his family, his being in the gang was a way of life, but the gang was something that Brittany couldn’t understand or accept.  Brittany and Alex’s romance really clicked for me, and, sheesh, they were sizzling!

Other Reviews: Trisha at The Ya Ya Yas and Teen Book Review (and I agree with both of them about the epilogue, especially because, to me at least, it felt like the second or third epilogue with how the passage of time was spaced at the end of the novel.)

Also, book trailer:  It’s a rap!


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2 Responses to Perfect Chemistry

  1. I’ve heard good things about this, but thanks for the comment on the beginning. I hope to read it at some poin in the near future. It does look good.

    And I love the book trailer and the rap. So hilarious!! Makes me want to read it more.


  2. bookworm4life says:

    No prob. I like to let people know that just because I love a book doesn’t mean it’s perfect and this one certainly isn’t perfect but still a great read!

    I hope you read and really enjoy it.

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