Cybele Wordle

At our Teen Services meeting yesterday, someone discussed the use of the website Wordle (which she had heard about from one of her sessions at the YA Lit Symposium) for a fun programming idea.  To illustrate Wordle she used my review of Cybele’s Secret.  Here’s the end product:

(Click on the image for a larger view)

My reaction, I didn’t realize I used the word “bit” so much…maybe I need to work on that.

If you want to make your own Wordle tag cloud, check it out here.

Also experimenting with Wordle, Trisha from The Ya Ya Yas.


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I am a librarian who loves all things reading, especially teen literature.
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One Response to Cybele Wordle

  1. Ann Conway says:


    I have big plans for Wordle! I have already amde a display sign…unfortunately there are no color printers available here. I do plan on playing iwth it pretty much24/7–and sharing it with my teens….Glad to have your active participation in Teen Services! Looking forward to wroking with you in the future!

    Don’t forget the James Cook Book Award for Teen Diversity!


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