Tail of the Moon (vols. 1 and 2)

by Rinko Ueda

Usagi’s grandfather is the leader of a prestigious clan of ninjas.  At one time, he had hoped that Usagi would become one of his ninjas but he has given up hope.  Usagi is clumsy and not at all interested in ninja studies.  Since she will never be a ninja, Usagi’s grandfather sends her away to marry Lord Hanzo, another ninja clan leader, and have lots of ninja babies.  At first Usagi is resistant to the idea, then she meets Lord Hanzo and he is the most handsome man she has ever met; now Usagi can’t wait to marry Lord Hanzo.  Too bad Hanzo says that he will never marry.  Usagi is determined to change his mind.

In volume one Usagi learns she has stunningly beautiful competition for Hanzo’s hand in marriage.  In order to win Hanzo’s heart, Usagi decides that maybe she can become a ninja after all.  Though she does her best, Usagi just isn’t cut out for ninja work.  Despite this, she promises Hanzo that she will continue training.  In volume two, Usagi returns to her home village after a fight with Hanzo and her former fiance and childhood friend, Goemon, decides he wants Usagi back.  Usagi tells him that she only loves Hanzo but Goemon still tells everyone that he and Usagi will be married.  Of course word gets back to Hanzo and he’s none too pleased.  After that situation is resolved (no marriage but Goemon’s not giving up!) Usagi turns to helping two friends who love each other but have broken up get back together.

Reaction: Tail of the Moon follows a fairly typical Shojo storyline with a not uber attractive girl who is none-the-less cute and sweet falling for a man who is a 10+ on a hotness scale of 1 to 10.  While hot guy resists attraction, cute girl can’t help but win his affections, even if it is a slow process.  And of course, there are many obstacles in their way.  At first Usagi annoyed me.  She seemed lazy as well as clumsy.  You’re obviously not going to do well at something if you don’t even try.  But she grew one me.  It turns out that she does have a skill and one that she has worked very hard on, proving that she is not as lazy as I first thought.  Her skill is with medicine.  Once her skill is found out, she becomes very valuable and can certainly contribute something very useful to whichever clan she associates.  Also, it becomes obvious that she is truly caring and can be selfless.  Besides being hot, Lord Hanzo is gruff and has high expectations for those around him (as well as himself) but he is also very loyal.  His character is a bit flatter than Usagi’s but there is certainly an air of mystery around him (why does he refuse to marry?) that makes him intriguing.  The first two volumes were fun so I’m looking forward to continuing with the series.


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