Kitty Kitty

by Michele Jaffe

Jas is back (Bad Kitty) and trying not to be up to her same old tricks.  She has vowed to be the model daughter so her father (Dadzilla) will allow her to leave her Venice prison and go back to California to be with her super-awesome friends, Polly, Roxy, and Tom, and her super-kissable boyfriend, Jack.  But when all her efforts at being a model daughter don’t get her a trip to California but instead brings the Evil Hench Twins, Jas’ cousin Alyson and her best friend Veronique, to Venice, Jas decides to bag the good girl persona and instead try to be BadJas.  Now that BadJas is in charge, Jas decides to help her one and only friend in Venice, Arabella, figure out who’s following her.  Jas is not sure that Arabella isn’t making up her stalker, but then Arabella is found dead in an apparent suicide.  Jas knows Arabella would not have killed herself and vows to find out who murdered her.  And so Jas once again embarks on a dangerous and exciting adventure trying to solve not one but two murders, both Arabella’s and Arabella’s father’s, with the help of her super-awesome friends, who of course show up for moral support, the Evil Hench Twins (now known by their faerie names — Sapphyre with a “y” and Tiger’s*Eye, the star is silent), a charming gondolier, but not her super-kissable boyfriend who isn’t calling or emailing nearly enough to satisfy Jas.

Reaction: I love Jas.  At times she is a bit much (for example, I can’t stand when she says things like “ASA and P” for ASAP) but most of the time she and her friends and her enemies are simply hilarious.  Here are some examples:

She waved a business card in my face and said, “I’m a reporter.  You are going to be famous.  Tell me how to spell your name.  Is it Jane?”

“Yes,” I agreed, practically running now.  Model Daughters are allergic to fame.  “It’s Jane.”

“Jane what?”

I said, “Jane Doe.”  And then the monkeys in my head who always like to help me out added, “–nut.”

“Jane Doughnut?” the blond reporter lady repeated, giving me a look filled with pity and scorn … “What is your name, really?”

“Jane Doughnut,” the monkeys affirmed. (pg 45-6)

And, when Arabella is running for her life and pulling Jas along behind her, Jas observes:

What was pleasant about this was it allowed me to experience several of the rules of physics firsthand.  For example, the faster you are going when you bash into a man with a hard-sided briefcase, the more it will hurt.  (Force = Mass x Acceleration).  And that being pulled between two women chatting and carrying shopping bags will result in them screaming not-very-nice things at you.  (For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.)  And my favorite: A Jas in motion — such as one who sidesteps to avoid running into a stroller and instead finds herself tripping over a small dog and launching into the air as though she’s a trouble-seeking missile — will stay in motion unless acted upon by an equal but opposite force. (pg 36-7)

Kitty Kitty is just plain fun.  The characters and the mystery are not exactly realistic but this does not detract from the greatness that is Kitty Kitty.  The book is just hilarious (the only word that can truly describe this book) and I cannot wait for more from Jas and her crew, even the faerie Evil Hench Twins.

Plus, as an aside, I think that the teen lit genre needs more mysteries.

Previously: Bad Kitty

Read-a-like: The over-the-topness reminds me of the sarcasm of Maggie Quinn in Prom Dates from Hell and Hell Week.

I can’t believe I forgot to write about this.  Jas, when trying to channel her badness, came up with a saying to help her follow the bad path — WWMrTD or what would Mr. T do.  I LOVED Mr. T and the A-Team when I was growing up.  Now, whenever I can’t figure out what to do I am going to ask myself WWMrTD.  Love It!


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2 Responses to Kitty Kitty

  1. Doret says:

    I loved how Jas learned Italian. Very Funny

  2. bookworm4life says:

    It certainly prepared her for encounters with the law…kind of. :)

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