Yowza Part II

I haven’t talked much about Stephenie Meyer and the Twilight books because I read and really enjoyed the first one then read and got very annoyed with the second one and couldn’t bring myself to go on.  I mean, how could Bella believe one day that Edward meant to stay with her forever and the next believe he didn’t love her at all and was breaking up with her?  It just doesn’t make sense to me, especially with the big clue of the horrible birthday incident.  I mean, duh!  He’s trying in his own messed up way to protect you.  Plus, and I’m no extreme environmentalist, but I thought all those blank pages were a huge waste, though they did get the point across that Bella is mentally unstable since she was completely unable to function when her boyfriend of what, a month or something like that, left her.  Seriously.  A lot of people lose their true loves for one reason or another but no matter how painful you’ve got to get on with your life!

Ok, back to the reason I am posting today.  When Breaking Dawn came out I posted about how crazy I thought some of the fans were for so fully taking on the persona of the Twilight characters, mainly Bella.  Now this (from Bookshelves of Doom).  A 15-year-old has sex with a guy named Edward, gets pregnant, is going to put the baby up for adoption but changes her mind in August (ahem), and names her child Renesmee Bella Stephenie.  That’s right.  And to that I say, WOW!

I know that fans like this are in the minority and many are able to clearly separate fantasy from reality but I am sure glad that I am not Stephenie Meyer and do not have to bear the weight of knowing the extremes to which young fans are going to show their love and devotion to the Twilight series.


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I am a librarian who loves all things reading, especially teen literature.
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